The collections feature allows for the admin on the back end to segment content quickly and then copy those collections into whatever configurations you want. Collections make it so you don’t have to keep adding files one by one to folders. 

Collections are only visible on the back end. To have them show up in categories to the app users you need to put them in folders, under the configuration you want them to be in.

*If you want to categorize it even more, you can add sub folders under a folder

  1. Click View Configurations on the left navigation menu
  2. Select the Configuration folder you would like to add files to (in this case I want to add it to Sales)
  3. Click Add Collection
  4. Select the collection you want to add, in this case I want to add Sales 1
  5. Click Add Collection
  6. Now you will see that the Sales 1 collection was added to the Sales folder
  7. After you do that for one configuration, you can just copy the entire Sales folder (it will have the collection included) and paste it into the other configurations.

Any changes you make to a collection will happen across the app. For example if you delete ”Content Visibility" out of the Sales 1 collection, that file will be deleted out of all those sub folders where that collection is present.

*This is how the collection appears to app users