One of SoloFire's powerful features is the ability to import PowerPoint Presentations and preserve all of the animations, transitions, and video of the native presentation. 

With SoloFire’s PowerPoint converter you can easily….

  • Reorder slides
  • Turn slides on and off
  • View notes
  • Create different presets tailored to your each customer’s needs
  • Share the presentation with your customer and email it to them after to keep it fresh on their mind

The ppt-html converter should support files created in these PowerPoint versions:

  • PowerPoint 2007
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2016

Basically anything using the new pptx file format should work, and both PC and Mac PowerPoint files should work.

To get best results follow these rules…

  • Please be patient!
  • PPT files must use TruType fonts to properly convert
  • Embedded videos must be .MOV, .MP4, or .M4v formatted
  • Externally referenced assets can cause errors in playback, avoid if possible

How to convert a PowerPoint file for use in SoloFire:

  1. In the left hand navigation pane click on the View Library link in the Library section
  2. Click on the Upload & Convert PowerPoint link in the upper part of the man window
  3. Click on the Choose File button
  4. Navigate to the location of the PowerPoint file you wish to convert, select the file, and click Open
  5. Fill in the Name field with the title you would like the converted file to be named
  6. Fill in the Keywords field with any keywords or tags that you would like to assign the file in order to help SoloFire identify the file in searches.
  7. Select Allow users to edit presentation if you would like to allow users to remove, rearrange, and reorganize the converted PowerPoint presentation directly from their devices.  If you do not wish to allow users to edit the presentation then leave this box unchecked.
  8. Click on the Convert button

SoloFire will now convert the PowerPoint file and make it available in your library.

In order to add the file to a configuration perform the following steps:

  1. In the left hand navigation pane click on the View Configurations link in the Configurations section
  2. Click on the configuration where you would like to add the converted PowerPoint file
  3. Select the folder where you would like to add the converted PowerPoint file
  4. Click on the Add Library File link in the upper part of the man window
  5. Find and select the check box of the converted PowerPoint file
  6. Click on the Add Selected Files button

The converted PowerPoint file has now been added to the configuration.  Any users who have access to that configuration may now find and view the converted PowerPoint presentation after syncing their mobile devices.

Below is a video demonstration of the steps outlined above