Here are just a few ways SoloFire gives you more power than ever before:

Lead Capture

Attending trade shows is a powerful way to engage with prospects. SoloFire lets you create a lead and share content right from the show floor. Easily score your leads so you can prioritize your follow up.


  • Trending – SoloFire aggregates app data across your entire organization giving reps instant access to popular content. On boarding time for new reps improves drastically because they instantly get access to the most effective content used by seasoned reps.
  • Messages – Have something important to tell your app users? With SoloFire you can easily send messages to all users or specific users groups. And because the message was sent to their app message center you know it won’t get passed over in an email inbox.
  • Recent – Good content is priceless but sometimes it is hard to find. SoloFire brings recently added or updated content to the forefront for easy access. Add videos, case studies, brochures, PowerPoints, contracts, etc… as often as you want. The app will automatically let users know of any new content.


Meeting a prospective client face to face is a priceless opportunity. With SoloFire you can easily build a custom agenda using collateral tailored to that specific prospect’s needs. You can share any of the content in Agenda’s with your prospect so they can review the information after the meeting.

Powerful Customization

SoloFire is the best mobile CMS available, but what if you need more than an off-the-shelf CMS? We have you covered there too. SoloFire allows you to customize your app in a wide variety of ways, from adding custom branded logos and colors to building robust customized apps using the SoloFire SDK.

We made SoloFire for you and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. Ensuring your sales reps are connected to your powerful content is invaluable. Knowing exactly how your content performs in real world use cases empowers you to optimize your marketing investment for maximum ROI.

For more information contact us directly or visit the SoloFire website here.