SoloFire is available now!

Standard App Users

If you are a user of the standard "off-the-shelf" EtherDCP app just update your app and it will become the "off-the-shelf" SoloFire app. The look and feel of the app will be different but your files and configurations, as setup by your system administrator, will stay the same after re-syncing your updated app and re-downloading your content. You will enjoy the beautiful and elegant new design as well as the cutting edge new features of the SoloFire app such as Lead Capture and Pulse.

Custom App Users

If you are a user of a custom EtherDCP app you can take advantage of all of the new features of SoloFire by contacting your Account Representative and they will guide you through the process of updating your custom app to a SoloFire app. Once your custom app has been updated you can use the SoloFire App Store or your organizations MDM to distribute the new app to your users. If you do not have an Account Representative you can contact SoloFire here.