Only administrators can Bulk Import new App Users. 

*Adding just one new user? See Adding App Users to add or invite users.

User accounts created via the bulk uploader do not receive an email alerting them about their new account.   

1. Click Add User on the left navigation menu

2. Next, click Download Bulk Upload Template button in order to download a template file into which you can paste or enter the required information for each new user.

3. Once the app_user_template.csv file has downloaded to your computer open it up.

4. Paste or enter the Email, First Name, Last Name, and Password for each of the new users into the .csv file and save the file.

5. Click Bulk Import button in the App Users section of the page.

6. Navigate to the location of the .csv file on your computer, select the file, and click Open in order to upload the New Users into SoloFire

7. You will now see that all of the new users have been added to the App Users section of the page.