Understanding "View Reports > Files"

The following definitions correspond to the Files section of the Reports page.  The Graphs, Sessions, and Contacts sections of the Reports page may be accessed by clicking on their respective names in the top right area of the page.

Download CSV: Allows you to download a .csv file of the displayed report data.

Sort Drop-down Selector: Allows you to select the method by which you wish to sort the columns of data in the report.  The options are: Filename, Date, Duration Open, Emailed, Viewed, User Email, and Client Email.

ASC / DSC Drop-down Selector: Allows you to sort the report data in either ascending or descending order.

Filter Drop-down Selector: Allows you to add a variety of pre-configured filters to the report data.  You may add multiple filters to the report data by re-clicking the Filter Drop-down Selector and choosing from the remaining filters.

The filter options are:

  • Configuration: [name of configuration]: Adding this filter will add files to the report which are linked to the named configuration.

Search Field: Allows you to filter the report data by the text you enter into the search field.  Entering text will display every entry which contains that text in any of the columns of data.

Custom Date Selector: Allows you to set the start and end dates for the reporting period. You may either type the start date into the field or select it from the pop-up calendar.

Report Data Column Definitions:

  • FilenameDisplays the name of the file in the library that has been viewed and/or emailed during a logged session.
  • Date: Displays the date on which the file was viewed and/or emailed during a logged session.
  • Duration: Displays the amount of time the file was viewed during the logged session.  If the listed duration is 00:00:01 or greater then the file was viewed in the system.  If the listed duration is 00:00:00 then the file was emailed by the system.
  • Emailed: Displays a paper plane icon if the file was emailed to the Contact Email during the session.
  • Viewed: Displays an envelope icon if the file was viewed by the user during the session.
  • User Email: Displays the email of the user who was logged in to the device when the file was viewed and/or emailed.
  • Contact Email: Displays the email address of the contact to whom the file was sent.

Page Selector: Displays the page of data you are viewing in the report.  Allows you to go to the previous or next page in the report or jump directly to the page number clicked on.