1. Click on View Library on the left navigation menu
  2. Hover your mouse over the file you wish to replace, and click on the vertical ellipsis icon
  3. Click on the Replace.
  4. Select the file you wish to replace the original file.
  5. Click on the Open button.


If you want to the metadata of the new file click

  • Name: Changes the viewable name in the app not the actual file name.
  • Keywords: Adds searchable keywords to the item description.
  • Description: Add a short description of the file and its contents.
  • Web-enabled public access: Check this box to create a direct link to this file that can be utilized outside of Ether. 
    • NOTE: This will create a  “non-secure” version of the file. Normal Ether files are authenticated against a session token before a recipient can view a file that has been emailed to them. Direct links can be viewed by anyone who stumbles upon  them, so make sure you are comfortable with the file contents that are being used outside of EtherDCP. 
  • Global: Makes the file available to all admins.
  • Hide: Does not allow users to download the file. Lock: Allows users to download the file but prevents the file from being opened.
  • Can Email: Allows users to send an email link to download the file.